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Scottish Morning Star Spring Conference 2015

2015 morning star spring conf slide optThe Conservatives are demanding another four years of drastic cuts – one and a half times those already inflicted.

By 2019-20 they intend to sack a million public sector workers and to slash government spending back to the level last seen in the 1930s. The Labour Party is also committed to a ‘balanced budget’ – though it says it will cut less and raise more through taxes.

The conference focused on two key questions:

  1. how far the Scottish parliament’s existing powers and the additional ones from the Smith Commission can defend Scotland from austerity – if there is a political will to tax the rich, strengthen the public sector and reverse privatisations
  2. How, across Britain as well as Scotland, a mass movement can be developed to defeat these policies and, no less important, the anti-working class and anti-trade union ideology that lies behind them

The conference broucher is also available here as a PDF

Professor Prem Sikka: Professor of Accountancy, Essex University



Jackson Cullinane: Political Officer, Unite Scotland



Jennifer McCarey: Chair, Glasgow Trades Union Council



Jane Carolan: Unison Chair of Policy; member of TUC General Council
Richard Leonard: Political Officer, GMB Scotland
Ian Davidson: Labour and Co-operative Party MP for Glasgow South West