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1. Bill Greenshields, People's Assembly Vice Chair


2. Roz Foyer, Senior Organiser, Unite Scotland


3. Bob Thomson, Scottish Left Review


4. Dave Moxham, Deputy General Secretary, STUC


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Whatever the outcome of the referendum, it will be essential that there is a speedy resumption of united pressure for Left and progressive policies.

If there is a Yes vote, the Scottish government will begin immediate negotiations for Scottish membership of the EU, the sterling area and NATO.
All would be highly prejudicial to a Scotland where people have the freedom to control their own economy, to escape from neo-liberal austerity and to end
entanglement with aggressive military alliances.
If there is a No vote, there will be an equally urgent need to step up the campaigns against Trident renewal and economic austerity. No less important, the Left will need to address the issue of devolution. Political parties will be drafting election manifestos for the 2015 election that will include new proposals for greater devolution. All are likely to be set within ‘zero deficit’ neo-liberal assumptions unless there is strong pressure from the Left.
These are the issues that the Left will urgently need to discuss.

The autumn conference will seek to provide a non-partisan venue in which to do so.
There will be workshops on Trident and NATO, on the EU and the causes of austerity and on the unity of the trade union and Labour movement in new circumstances.