Morning Star Autumn Conference 2016

The EU referendum divided the trade union movement and the Left. Now unity is essential if we are to defend our democracy and reshape our economy on progressive terms in the new circumstances outside the EU.
Over the coming months the Conservatives will make every effort to develop a new international framework that will continue to enforce existing neo-liberal policies and the dominance of big business.
The Morning Star’s Autumn Conference is about how to stop this. It will debate the options and alliances that potentially exist, inside and outside the EU, for progressive policies - for public ownership, reversing privatisation, investing in the productive economy and restoring collective bargaining.

Filmed Sunday 16 October 2016

Prof Keith Ewing - Advancing Workers' Rights POST Referendum

Prof Keith Ewing, Professor of Labour Law, Kings College, London

AFTER THE EU: Unite the Left, Divide the Right

Rhea Wolfson, Labour Party National Executive Committee
Brian Campfield, President Irish Congress of Trade Unions
Jackson Cullinane, Head of Unite Scotland’s Politics, Research and Campaigns Unit

AFTER THE EU: A Left Agenda for Scotland

Jane Carolan, Chair Unison Policy Committee; TUC Executive
Tommy Sheppard MP, Edinburgh East SNP
Dave Moxham, Depute General Secretary, STUC
Richard Leonard MSP, Labour MSP Central Scotland; Scottish Labour spokesperson on the economy