Artists - local musicans and poets - gave freely of their time & talents to put on a musical social in commemoration of the International Brigaders on this 80th anniversary of the Spanish Civil War. Thanks to the artists and also to UNISON Glasgow City who gave Hope not Hate Scotland and the International Brigades Memorial Trust the use of their city centre premises. As well as great acts, the political message of left unity in the face of austerity and anti-fascism was to the fore, the same values which inspired and motivated many of the volunteers to travel from Britain to fight for democracy in Spain 80 years ago. 

Huge thanks to all the artists! (listed in no particular order)

Paul Sheridan and Chris Cruickshanks from the Wakes
Declan Welsh, solo vocals and guitar 
Calum Baird, solo vocals and guitar
Pauline Bradley, solo vocals and guitar
Stephen Wright, solo vocals and guitar
Colin Poole, poet
Jim Monaghan, poet