2016 sept IB HNHCommemoration of the International Brigades going to fight Fascism in the Spanish Civil War, held on Saturday 10th September 2016 at the La Pasionaria statue on Glasgow Quay.

Organised by Hope not Hate Scotland & the International Brigades Memorial Trust


Mike Arnott, International Brigades Memorial Trust Scottish secretary, introduced by Simon Steel (Hope not Hate Scotland)


Vera Thaelmann, granddaughter of German leading anti-fascist. Keith Stoddart, People's Assembly Scotland Secretary.

Sandra Trotter from UNISON Trade Union translates. 


Laying of wreaths to honour International Brigades, music from The Wakes

Laying wreaths in honour of the International Brigaders from Glasgow, by Jennifer McCarey the Chair of Glasgow TUC and the Campbell Family who's grandfather left Glasgow to fight in Spain.
Outdoor music celebration by Paul Sheridan, vocalist & lead guitar of The Wakes, a Glasgow folk rock band.