The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists is the classic working class novel, written by Robert Tressell who was himself a house painter & sign writer. The novel concerns Frank Owen and his fellow workmate house painters, and various characters who hold elevated positions in the Capitalist system. Just what this system is and how it operates, is something which Frank Owen explains to his fellow workmates with famous examples such as "the Great Money Trick" and "the Oblong". Such was the book's usefulness to building class consciousness that often in the trade union movement it could be referred to as THE book.

Stuart Moir, lecturer at Edinburgh University and former motor mechanic, guides us through this book of books. Central to his talk is the question whether this 100+ year old book is still relevant i.e. whether socialism is still needed in the modern day? Stuart gives fascinating insight into the main themes of the book, who the author was and what did he wish to communicate through this work?
The Morning Star meeting was recorded in Dundee 2016 as part of the Our Class Our Culture series of Scotland-wide events. The Morning Star is the only daily Socialist newspaper, and thus is the only daily media source that reflects the politics of this classic book.