Listen every night 8pm online or Sunny Govan radio

Tonight at 8pm, Sunny Govan Community Radio begins its serialisation of The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists (RTP) audiobook by Martin Chomsky. You can listen in here and every night at 8pm until Friday 30th.

On Wednesday night, 7-9pm we will have a special 2-hour episode of the Sunny Govan Radio: Social Awareness Programme where I will be joined in the studio by Kevin Magee, Sunny G's Jim McMillan, audiobook creator Martin Chomsky and Prof John Foster amongst others for an in-depth discussion about RTP and it's relevance today.

During this episode, part 4 will be played at 8pm.
It's a wonderful book that everyone will love and must hear/read.

I hope you can all tune in because you won't be disappointed and you'll be glad you did...