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2015 jan 1000 readers week offer

This offer is part of the New Year 1000 New Readers Campaign.

Starting from Monday 19 Jan, everyone who has wanted to try out the fantastic Morning Star e-Edition can do so for free for a week, as part of the 1000 New Readers drive started at the beginning of 2015.

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We are sure that when people (who don't already know what a great newspaper the only English-language Socialist daily is) realise just what a tremendous daily source of news, sport & features it is - that they will want to read it a lot more often!

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You Are More Crucial Than Ever

Circulation manager BERNADETTE KEAVENEY explains how our loyal readers can use their local knowledge to help us find new supporters and secure this paper’s future.

 O ALL the doomsayers out there who proclaim that printed newspapers are dead and buried, let me reassure you that this is not the truth.

morning star BERNADETTE KEAVENEYThe average daily sales figure for national newspapers is 7.1 million. This does not include the avid consumption of over a million daily free newspapers given out to commuters the length and breadth of Britain.
What we do have though is a changed pattern of sales. Not all our readers buy the paper daily from Monday through to Saturday.

They buy it from random shops when they see it and not through a preferred regular retailer.
There is a move towards new readers buying a mixture of the e-edition during the week and print edition at the weekend. These different buying habits are something that we in the sales team are working to address.

We are investigating combined subscription packages for print and the app and these will be rolled out as soon as they are finalised.

Meanwhile it is important that the print edition is placed in areas where it is most likely to sell, taking into account the restrictions that are imposed on us by a shrinking independent retail market and the demands of multiple retailers who charge for including us.

In a retail world of “stack them high, sell them cheap,” all niche titles suffer and the Morning Star is no exception.

However within the industry the Morning Star is handled professionally by our main partners, Trinity Mirror — who print anddistribute us — and the wholesalers John Menzies and Smiths News.

I know that I have the staunch support of my colleagues and our readers as we embark on our new 1,000 Readers Campaign.

If you who would like to help me increase sales in your area, please do get in touch.
There are a variety of initiatives I wish to implement to boost sales.

These range from mapping targeted sales drives, sales pitches — particularly outside places of travel — and leafleting local areas in conjunction with increased availability in shops.

Most importantly, we want to use your local knowledge to help us reach our key audience within the labour, peace, green and trade union movement.

You can place an order at any retailer selling newspapers. It is also available from all branches of RS MCColls/ Martin McColls ( and One Stop ( and many branches of the Co-Op.

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