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The special bumper Christmas Eve Women's Morning Star edition was jam-packed full of superb articles - focusing on women and the continued struggle for equal pay, equal rights, and an end to discrimination and poor attitudes that can be found even in our progressive organisations. Below are a number of these articles which are free to read here online. Every daily edition of our class's paper is worthwhile, but these special editions help our movement to focus on specific areas of struggle, and enable us to be better informed about the various strands of activism that are encapsulated in our movement.

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A Welcome to the Christmas Eve 2014 Women's Edition:

Get Involved in the Fightback! - the Women's Assembly Against Austerity

Down with the Bad Santas of the Coalition Government - Frances O'Grady's Special Message to Morning Star Readers

Women: A Secret History of Militant Workers

The Year in Sexist News:

2014 xmas womens sexist press

Challenging the Stereotypes and Demanding Equal Pay

Girls are Missing Out On the Education They Deserve

Page 3 is Far from Harmless

Is Taylor Swift Really the Most Powerful Woman in Media?

Democracy is Weakened When Women Are Shut Out

Women Will Be the Priority in 2015

Abuse Too Often Begins In Schools

Women And The Problem With Cameron

To Ignore Women Is To Ignore Our Dedication to Peace and Progress

There Are Few People More Deserving Than Working Poor Women

Labour Movement Sisters Are an Inspiration To Us All

Rolling Back the Progress on Domestic Violence

Sexism Was Just Laughed Off - I "Was the Problem"

A Woman Who's Quick Off The Draw - BlueLou the Star's Own Award-Nominated Cartoonist and the Only Female Catroonist Of Any Daily National Paper In Britain

The Conflict Between Feminism and The Transgender Movement

Sylvia Pankhurst's Christmas Party

2014 xmas womens bluelou cartoonAn original BlueLou cartoon above in response to Nigel Farage & UKIP's attitudes to women and breastfeeding not being a part of normal healthy life i.e. that mothers should be confinded to an out of sight corner lest they offend the never-afraid-to-be-offensive Nigel Farage.