GLASGOW Friday 27th May 7pm

Venue: STUC Building (above Stand Comedy Club)

333 Woodlands Road, Glasgow G3 6NG

Notices of the 2016 AGM resolutions etc can be found here:

The Morning Star is proud to be the only daily newspaper owned by its readers via a people's shareholding democracy called the People's Press Printing Society. Each Spring, the PPPS holds its Annual General Meeting in several different venues around the country to encourage the maximum possible number of shareholders to attend. Shareholders may attend one meeting only.

The AGM will discuss the critical issues of the day, receive the minutes of the previous AGM, receive a report from the Management Committee, approve the audited accounts and, vote to reappoint the auditors, consider resolutions and amendments, and elect one third of the directly-elected seats on the Management Committee.

It doesn't matter whether you have just a single share or a thousand, all shareholders have equal rights and get one vote each.


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The Morning Star is the only socialist daily newspaper published in Britain. It has a long and proud history.

Originally called The Daily Worker, the Morning Star was founded by the Communist Party and first published on 1 January 1930. The aim was, in Lenin’s words, to provide “an economic and political tool of the masses in their struggle”. Since 1945 the paper has been owned by a broad-based readers’ co-operative, the People's Press Printing Society (PPPS). The paper’s editorial line remains anchored in the political programme of the Communist Party but it offers a broad left perspective on political, industrial and international issues. The Daily Worker was renamed the Morning Star in 1966. The Daily Worker/Morning Star has experienced many challenges since its foundation, experiencing a wholesaler boycott within weeks of its establishment; ongoing police surveillance and harassment; prosecution and imprisonment of its journalists; an outright ban during part of World War Two; an ongoing boycott by commercial advertisers; and a constant battle to cover production, distribution and staff costs. But through all this it has continued to chronicle the struggles of the British working class and champion progressive movements around the world. At its peak, during WW2, had a weekend circulation of over 100,000. Management of the paper rests with the shareholders via their Annual General Meeting (which is held at different locations around Britain to ensure maximum participation) and election of the PPPS Management Committee. The Management Committee appoints the Editor and Company Secretary. Shares in the PPPS cost £1. No dividend is paid and no person or organisation profits from the Morning Star. It is the only national daily wholly owned by its readers rather than a tax exile millionaire. Nine national trade unions and one trade union region have seats on the Management Committee: Community, CWU, FBU, GMB, NUM, NUM North-East, POA, RMT, UCATT and Unite. This means that more than half of Britain’s trade union members are now represented on the Management Committee. The other, individual members of the Committee are elected by the shareholders and are subject to regular re-election. The Morning Star is the only paper that actively campaigns for working-class politics. The only paper that supports the People’s Assembly and reports authoritatively on what is happening in Cuba, Palestine, Ukraine and elsewhere. It offers a unique, non-sectarian perspective on national and international news not offered by the mainstream media. No other daily newspaper carries such a range of voices from the left — trade union leaders and activists, left Labour MPs and the Communist Party, the Stop the War Coalition, the anti-fascist campaigns Hope Not Hate and Unite Against Fascism, the Green Party and more. We also feature distinctive arts and sports coverage unavailable elsewhere.

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