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Donate to the Morning Star simply, safely & easily online or by phone, not a penny is wasted!

The Morning Star seeks to raise £16,000 each month in The Fighting Fund. You can help by donating by phone or online.


Scottish Morning Star Campaign Committee runs fundraisers throughout the year. New ideas & initiatives welcome!

The Morning Star has always relied on it’s Fighting Fund raised by it’s readers and supporters.

Various fundraising events take place throughout the year – including the annual Morning Star Glasgow Bazaar around Christmas time and the annual People’s Printing Press AGM Social in the STUC building in Summer.  Morning Star events take place each year during the STUC Scottish Trade Unions Congress – “the Worker’s Parliament”, and funds are collected there from trade unionists. The Morning Star is the only paper to accurately report daily from the STUC, TUC or from Trade Union conferences.


In today’s currency the Aberdeen Daily Worker Bazaar Committee raised in excess of £70,000. To show their gratitude the staff of the Daily Worker in London and the leadership of the Communist Party sent a brochure with 26 separate autograph messages and cartoons combined into a souvenir booklet ….

In recognition of that amazing feat, and to spur us all on to capture that same spirit, we include this online PowerPoint presentation of that celebratory brochure to inform and inspire us today! The stories from the brochure about the staff from the Daily Worker offices themselves are a testimony to heroism & dedication to the cause of Socialism.


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