Saturday 3rd October

March in Dunfermline @12pm
Rally in Pittencrieff Park @1pm

For all who are opposed to the ongoing cuts ideology & the poverty it is creating.

2015 sept fife gala



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Sunday 4th October 11am

2015 autumn conference Class Politics

The Tory government has launched a frontal attack on the welfare state and the labour movement. A million more public sector jobs are to be eliminated, the right to strike further restricted and benefits again cut.

The Tory justification is free market economics – the neoliberal smokescreen behind which the super-rich are creating a new political order that seeks the permanent subordination of labour.

The conference will focus on how the politics of working class unity can be re-developed – drawing on the lessons of the past but within the horizons of the present.

The Tories seek to use fear and division. The class they represent is strengthening its own international alliances through TTIP and an increasingly predatory EU.
Our class has to re-establish its unity in the broadest sense of all working people and their communities.
The conference will assess the potential of the People’s Assembly in building this new unity and the role of the trade union movement in providing the power of collective organisation.

Venue: STUC, 333 Woodlands Road, Glasgow G3

£4/ 2 (concession) includes tea, coffee & lunch.

Download the conference program here: http://morningstarscotland.org/attachments/article/89/2015_autumn_morning_star-conference.pdf or click on the image below.

2015 autumn morning star conference

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GLASGOW Conference: Redeveloping Class Politics