Tuesday 6 March 7pm

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Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/163139424490878/


Speaker: Richard Leonard MSP
(Leader Scottish Labour Party)

Chair: Alan Raby
(ex-union convenor - Dalzell Works)

Blantyre Miners Welfare
Calder St, Blantyre, G72

A public event part of the Morning Star's Our Class Our Culture series of events, organised by Lanarkshire Readers and Supporters Group. All welcome.

Tuesday, 20 February 7pm

Eventbrite page: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/after-the-eu-what-kind-of-settlement-do-we-need-tickets-43104105540

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A dialogue between:

Pauline Bryan Author of ‘Getting the Best out of Brexit’

Jean Anne Mitchell 2017 Labour candidate West Dunbartonshire

Chair Kath Campbell 


Pearce Institute, Govan Cross

A public meeting organised by Govan & SW Morning Star Readers and Supporters


Friday 13 April 6-8pm

Organised by Unison Scotland Morning Star Readers &  Supporters Group

Speakers: Dave Watson
Unison Scotland’s Head of Policy 
Professor John Foster
Secretary of Radical Options in Scotand & Europe
Chair: Kate Ramsden
Unison NEC member


Glasgow Unison Branch Office
84 Bell Street,
Glasgow G1 1LG

Wednesday 7th Feb at 7pm

2018 ten days shook world

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Ten Days That Shook the World (1919) is a book by the American journalist and socialist John Reed about the October Revolution in Russia in 1917, which Reed experienced firsthand. Reed followed many of the prominent Bolshevik leaders closely during his time in Russia. Part of the Scotland-wide series Our Class Our Culture organised by Scottish Morning Star, marking the centenary of the Russian Revolution.

Speaker: Tam Kirby

Venue: Clydebank Town Hall, 5 Hall Street, G81 1UB

Saturday 9th December 12.00-3.00pm

The Annexe
Stewartville Street, Partick

2017 star bazaar

Featuring: Tearoom; Homebaking and Home Produce; Tombola; Big Wheel; Books; Toys & Games; Gifts; Bric-a-brac; Granny’s Attic

There's a raffle of a House of Common's bottle of malt whisky signed by John McDonnell and a hamper of progressive produce (including our latest "Scottish Leader" range). Tickets are limited to 75.

The doors open at noon but help is needed from 10am. If you have donations of bottles, bric a brac, books and  homebaking, just get in touch.

Tuesday 5th December 7pm

2017 paisley russ rev OPT

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Facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/1782776865348549/

The Russian Revolution - in this centenary year, what was this historic event, and what does the Russian Revolution teach us today?
Speaker: John Foster
Chair: Colin Mack, Paisley TUC


Paisley Town Hall
Abbey Close

Friday 17th Nov 8-11pm (doors open 7pm)

2017 russ revolution100 eventbrite

Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/russian-revolution-centenary-celebration-tickets-39531373402
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/388993471532402/

The Russian Revolution of October 1917 is without doubt the most important event of the twentieth century. With the establishment of the first workers state it was the spark that offered hope to the oppressed across the globe and an inspiration for all who believe in a better world.

In cities worldwide celebrations are taking place and Glasgow home of the worlds first Soviet consul is no different. On Friday 17th November in the STUC 333 Woodlands Rd, Glasgow G3 6NG at 8pm an evening of film and music will both educate and entertain those who continue along the path of liberation first trod by the revolutionary forces in 1917.

Musical highlight of the night will be an acoustic set by Glasgow own world renowned Wakes band and other local artists.
Tickets are available for via Eventbrite or £10 waged or £8 unwaged from Morning Star sellers at the Saturday Buchanan St Star stall in Glasgow

 2017 russian rev flyer OPT

9-12 November

2017 cuba glasgow film festival

The third Havana Glasgow Film Festival is almost here! For an extended weekend at the beginning of November (9-12 Nov) Glasgow plays host to filmmakers and stars from its twin city, Havana. The festival showcases the incredibly vibrant film scene in Cuba and is bringing a number of Cuban stars over to discuss their films and life in Cuba. Luis Alberto Garcia – acclaimed Cuban actor will be here to discuss two of his films – Ya no es Antes, about a couple who meet again after years of separation by emigration, - and  - Clandestinos, a romance set against the last days of the struggle against Batista.  Director Jonal Coscuella will be here to discuss the premiere of his film, Esteban, about a 10-year-old’s struggle to achieve his dream to play the piano. And we are thrilled to welcome Che Guevara’s daughter, Aleida Guevara March, who will be with us to discuss two documentaries one on her father and one on his compadre Fidel. Visit http://www.hgfilmfest.com/programme - for more details and to get tickets.

The Havana Glasgow Film Festival exists to showcase Cuban cinema and culture within Havana’s twin city of Glasgow, Scotland. The festival celebrates local identities and cultures, highlighting the similarities between Havana and Glasgow and the thriving artistic talent that exists within both cities.

It provides a platform for Cuban and Scottish film-makers to share their work with international audiences through a week-long programme of screenings, workshops and panel discussions. A vibrant evening event schedule runs in tandem with the festival, complementing its film content with celebrations of Cuban music, dancing, food and rum. The Havana Glasgow Film Festival brings the rich, distant culture of Cuba onto Scotland’s doorstep and highlights the social, political and human similarities within these twinned cities.






TOWNSEND THEATRE PRODUCTIONSEastwood Park Theatre, Giffnock, Glasgow on 29 October 2017

"I saw 'We Are The Lions Mr Manager' tonight at the Blantyre Miners Welfare Club. The audience enjoyed a fabulous performance by talented Townsend Productions actors. it was great to see Jayaben Desai"s story and that of the Grunwick Strike being shared and to see an Asian woman playing the part of Jayaben. Light hearted moments and audience participation made it a great night for all. Go to the Townsend productions website to see where you can enjoy our working class history."

The play is being shown at the Eastwood Park Theatre, Giffnock, Glasgow on 29 October 2017.



2017 we are the lions


11th of October 7pm

Anyone (or if you know someone) who is affected by the Benefits Cap should come along to this Morning Star Scotland public meeting on the 11th of October in Govan.

Guest speakers are: Cllr Matt Kerr (Labour & Co-op) and Margaret Wood (Unite Steward).
Chair: Kath Campbell

All welcome. Hope to see you there.

Venue: Pearce Institute, Govan Cross

Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/talk-poverty-homelessness-and-the-housing-tickets-37606855116
acebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/627958110926333/

2017 govan homelessness

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Download this file (Morning Star Conf 2017 Autumn Online.pdf)Morning Star Conf 2017 Autumn Online.pdf 2872 kB

Sunday 8th October 11am
STUC, 333 Woodside Road, Glasgow

2017 autumn cover


Eventbrite page: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/conference-big-conference-small-nations-with-john-mcdonnell-mp-tickets-37550826533

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1876456182670927/

Scotland is a small nation in a world dominated by giant corporations and investment companies. The ideology of corporate capital is neo-liberalism – the claim that maximum benefit derives from the removal of all barriers to competition in terms of trade or any form of democratic, governmental intervention in the economy.

For Scotland this has meant the stripping away of industrial jobs and the external control of most of its remaining productive assets – both natural and human. Oil, gas, chemical derivatives, fish processing and whisky are all predominantly externally owned. Scotland’s precious human resources in terms of medical knowledge and education are under siege.

The key question today is whether this neo-liberal dominance should continue or whether there can be the redevelopment of popular, democratic control over the economy, of an active industrial strategy and of public and cooperative ownership and what political form this should take.

The conference will debate these alternatives. On the one side there is membership of the EU Single Market or the type of trade treaties planned by the Conservatives – both of which will incorporate neo-liberal prohibitions. On the other, there is the challenge of whether it is possible to pioneer a democratically-controlled economy drawing collective political strength from the nations of Britain separately or collectively within a federation.